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Ascent to the Top

With her all-women climbing festival and community of climbers, Shelma Jun is reaching territory—on and off the rocks—that has never been reached before.

Rolland, the Pioneer

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Breaking the ice

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Episode 01 – A new life

When he finds a dusty fishing rod in his garden shed, Maxime realizes that he hasn’t fished in a very long time. Same thing for Marie-Laurence, who has never made…

First-timers – Gone Fishing

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Chris Velan

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The life of a lumberjack, with Patrick Riopel

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BESIDE Magazine On The Go

Somewhere Outside

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Crafting beer II

Urban edible and medicinal plants

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Fly-fishing techniques II

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Raising chickens in the city

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Forging a knife

By Geneviève Locas |


Crafting beer II

July 24, 2018

Become an artisan for an evening during which you’ll learn to craft your own beer using a brewing technique on a small house system, and following the Boréale Rousse recipe. In the process, you’ll also get to taste various exclusive beers and visit the brewery.

Beer lovers, this workshop is for you!

(Please note that this workshop will be given in French only) 


SCHEDULE (approx.)

4PM : Arrival and tasting

4:30PM : Introduction of the ingredients and brewing techniques

5PM : Brewing and pasting

5:15PM : Creative workshop

6PM : End of pasting and boiling

6:45PM : Brewery visit and small bites

7:45PM : End of boiling and cooling of the beer

8PM : Tasting of exclusive Boréale products

8:30PM : Transfer in the fermentor, storing and end of the brewing process

9PM : End of the workshop



Gabriel Dulong, master brewer




  • Necessary material
  • Tasting of exclusive products
  • A personal brewing kit, including ingredients to recreate the recipe at home


We do not provide reimbursements, however we do allow ticket transfers anytime before the trip. Should you want to transfer your ticket, please email