The future of food is in the sea

Hoover Dam

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Consuming less and doing more

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Likely-looking rivers

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Life in the green gap

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100 Wild Islands

The 100 Wild Islands is a land conservancy project driven by the Nova Scotia Nature Trust, on the coasts of Nova Scotia (Canada). The preservation of this group of wild…

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Flies & Beer III

Flies & Beer II

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Le camp sur les îles – 2nd Edition

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Kayak sur le Fleuve

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SUP sur la Rouge

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Le camp sur les îles – 2nd Edition

Fishing - Kayak - SUP & Hiking - Climbing

[Coming Soon]Last year was so much fun, we’re keeping the same formula for next year. Join us at Parc régional du Poisson Blanc for the second edition of B-SIDE, LE CAMP – SUR LES ÎLES.




All-inclusive, all-fun weekend with awesome opportunities to learn the basics of Canoe-Camping, while getting some initiation and perfecting classes of fishing techniques, kayak, hiking, climbing, bouldering, SUP, with professional guides tagging along. You’ll also get to experience fun activities with your group, such as bonfires, festive dinners, night canoe, and much more! A truly fun way of escaping the city and reconnecting with Mother Nature.

Included: Full access to the site, parking, canoe, life jacket, paddle, campsite, hosting in a tent, meals and snacks, all gear required for all included activi

Choose your camp!

Canoe-Camping access to islands, initiation classes to activities of your choice or perfectioning of basic activities.


On the island – Fishing

On the island – Hiking & SUP

On the island – Kayak, hiking and SUP

On the island – Climbing & Bouldering


Subscribe online now! Hurry up, limited seats. Please note that a detailed schedule, meetup place and a list of required gear will be provided to all participants in August.

See you out there!