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The new outdoor movement is no longer defined by sport, but by a broader desire to reconnect with nature in an environmentally conscious way. No matter how they differ from one another, outdoor enthusiasts, be they surfers, canoers, fishermen, wildlife photographers, conservationists, entrepreneurs or farmers, are all empowered and driven by nature, adventure and sustainability.


We trek through forests, we scale mountains and we paddle through rivers and streams, rarely asking who explored them before us and how we will ensure that others will be able to explore them tomorrow. These great wildernesses are our playground and our lifeblood, but how we choose to share in their splendor will ensure that they feed the hearts and souls of our generations to come. We want to share the journey with you, kindle that flame, and get you pumped for your next trip. Our magazine delivers fresh perspectives, social reflections, and personal stories rich with the wisdom and experiences of the most inspiring contemporary pioneers. Whether they’re our stories, or those of our ambassadors, we know they’ll have you dreaming about getting back outside and discovering something new, whether out in nature or within yourself.

What’s at the heart of our connection to nature?

Our Issue 01 asks the most fascinating adventurers, entrepreneurs and naturalists what lies at the heart of their connection to nature. Amongst other things we learn from the wildlife protector Monsieur Pageau that looking an animal right in the eye can change your destiny from the fly-fishing tribe Hooké that a group of like-minded friends can kick-start a movement. As for Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard overcoming the challenges of a deep wilderness trek has a direct correlation with the obstacle-laden path of entrepreneurship. This first edition abounds with the stories and perspectives of a rich community of doers and thinkers…

How do we keep the outdoors wild?

Issue 02 brings together stories and perspectives from creative ecologists, farmers, adventurers, and philosophers who all contribute to protecting nature on a daily basis. With their help, we break down the concept of conservation into a range of inspiring and thought-provoking topics that all answer one fundamental question: how do we keep the outdoors wild? This issue features Adventure Scientists, Guillaume Beaudoin, Chris Burkard, Tim Eddy & Hannah Fuller, Bernie Krause, Emma Marris, Kandi Mossett, Dan O’Brien, United by Blue, Surf the Greats, and many more…

What’s the value of nature?

In Issue 03, we are tackling the fascinating conundrum of nature’s worth. We are quantifying the work that nature does for us. We are looking at the real value of things when we take the loss of biodiversity into account. We are identifying what responsibilities come with making a living out of the wild. We are considering new outlooks on nature’s value, and the practices, business models, habitats, and lifestyles that they inspire. We are doing this with the help of our North American community of entrepreneurs, architects, philosophers, economists, farmers, photographers, and outdoor enthusiasts.

Across the Salty Roads

Guillaume Beaudoin’s inspiring journey hitchhiking by sail across the South Pacific Islands to collect stories of locals taking the initiative in the fight against climate change. And BESIDE’s first web channel.

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