We publish stories from the heart, knowledge from the field, and ideas from the horizon of a brave new world.

Who we are

BESIDE is an independent magazine and media brand that aims to bridge the gap between humans and nature—with high-quality editorial content and immersive experiences.

What we do

We thrive in passing down stories, ideas, skills, and knowledge at the crossroads of nature. To do so, we publish a biannual print magazine in French and English, which is distributed around the world. We run a web platform for editorial features, exclusive video and audio content, and topical articles. We host events—ranging from workshops to talks and creative outdoor camps. And we nurture a diverse community of journalists, philosophers, artists, chefs, farmers, scientists, photographers and adventurers who can empower us to build a more meaningful life and build a more sustainable future.

How we do it

Our editorial approach

We practise a new form of narrative journalism defined by human-centred storytelling, a diversity of voices, rigorous journalism, powerful visual stories, and a constant connection between the personal and the collective. 

We strive for nuanced stories that explore our paradoxes and our discomforts: ambiguous spaces that tend to be the best starting points for positive change. We practise optimistic realism, or pragmatic idealism, whichever you prefer.

Our partnerships 

Our magazine and online platforms are crafted with editorial independence. Our content is free of traditional advertising and produced without any form of emolument, with the exception of a few explicitly sponsored articles and videos, published with carefully-chosen partners.  

See some of our partnerships here: https://beside.media/partnerships/ 

If you want to partner with us, contact our Partnerships Director Sergio Morales: sergio@besidemagazine.com 

Our team at BESIDE Media

Jean-Daniel Petit, President & Cofounder
Eliane Cadieux, Chief Creative Officer & Cofounder
Guillaume Leblanc, Chief Operating Officer & Cofounder
Catherine Métayer, VP Media, Editor-in-Chief & Associate
Jean-François Bouchard, Chairman of the Board
Sophie Desbiens, Marketing & Communications Director
Sergio Morales, Partnerships Director
Hélène Philion, Director of strategic coaching
Olivier Mercier-Chan Kane, Head of Technology
Marie-Ève Gauthier, Front-end Developer

Daniel Guerrero, Software Engineer
Caroline R. Paquette, Associate Editor-in-Chief & Editor
Mark Mann, Associate Editor-in-Chief & Journalist
Marie-Charles Pelletier, Producer & Writer
Gabrielle Deronde, Graphic Designer
Catherine Fortin, Editorial Coordinator

Casey Beal, Editor (English)
Marie-Paule Primeau, Editor (French)
Liette Lemay, Reviewer (French)
Shanti Maharaj, Reviewer (English)
Geneviève Deschamps, Translator (French)
Bronwyn Haslam, Translator (English)
Nicolas Coutlée, Translator (French)
Oana Avasilichioaei, Translator (English)
Jessica Moore, Translator (English)
Guillaume Rivest, journalist & fact checker
Juliette Leblanc, writer 

If you want to collaborate in text or photos, email us at editorial@besidemagazine.com
If you want to join our team, email us at team@besidemagazine.com 

Our Values


We aim to create high-quality, trustworthy, intelligent and responsible content and experiences. Our stakes are high, but we find that transparency and editorial independence, and daring to ask the difficult questions, help us navigate the path we have carved for ourselves. Credibility also means “walking our talk”—making sure our values, our business model and our actions all speak the same language.


We take great pride in making complex ideas digestible and unique experiences accessible. We do not settle for purely digital experiences, but require participation and engagement within the real world. We also strive to include affordable options across our portfolio. Ultimately, we want people to take ownership of what we create for themselves, and feel a sense of belonging to the BESIDE community.


At the end of the day, we are all human—with our hopes, our challenges, our strengths and our weaknesses. While we subscribe to a “nature first” perspective, it’s essential for us to place people at the very centre of everything we do—and to treat our subjects, our audience, our collaborators, our partners and our competitors with the empathy, respect, dignity and sincerity they deserve.


Nature is for everyone and everyone is part of nature. We refuse boundaries; we strive to include people of all ages, backgrounds and levels of fame. Creativity stems from bringing a diversity of people and ideas under the same roof, change cannot manifest in isolation.


We are forever curious about beautiful things: powerful stories, big projects, small initiatives, new perspectives, traditional knowledge, abstract concepts, practical ideas and hands-on experiences. We believe in the power of design, storytelling and human experiences. And we value creative work processes and resourceful solutions.


More than anything, our hope is to be able to appeal to the best in everyone. No matter how large or challenging the issue is, we feel there’s a unique spark in everybody that, when ignited, has the power to create meaningful, positive change, be it globally or locally. Our platform was built to amplify the voices of those who have followed that spark to uncover resourceful and sustainable ideas, solutions and initiatives, and share their stories.


BESIDE also operates an conservation & hospitality project that is true to our mission to reconnect people with nature:

At the junction of nature and culture, BESIDE Habitat is a collective of thoughtfully designed dwellings, surrounded by 1,250 acres of natural, private parkland and lakes that invites guests to reconnect with the great outdoors.

In the midst of Lanaudière—just one hour northeast of Montréal—this first BESIDE destination is designed for those seeking to get back to nature, use their hands while learning new skills, experience tranquility, and belong to a like-minded, values-driven community.

A safe haven away from the noise, crowds, traffic, and digital distractions of the urban world. A place to engage with your instincts and your curiosity, to experience simplicity and beauty, to gather with friends and family for meaningful connections, mindful discussions, and shared memories.


We acknowledge the financial support of the Government of Canada.