Divided We Sail

When Eric Muszynski agreed to sail across the ocean with two other adventurers, he never anticipated that his biggest challenge would come from inside the boat.

Text—Eric Muszynski
Illustrations—Florence Rivest

The Trip of a Lifetime

Once the unique preserve of scientists and explorers, Antarctica now receives tourists from around the world. Climate change has made the south polar continent more accessible, but to avoid disturbing this fragile ecosystem, adventure-seekers must choose their guides carefully.

How to Navigate New Tech Like the Amish

The Amish don’t hate technology — they’re just very choosy. We could all stand to learn from their approach.

2019 in Review

The best of our year, and what we’ve got planned for 2020.

Deniers in the Family

You like these people. How do you talk to them about climate change when they don’t believe in it?

The Besiders / Q&A

Angela Gzowski

On engaging deeply and telling stories, one photo at a time.


Spoils of #nature on Instagram

Natural sites are being overrun by a new wave of tourists just "doin' it for the 'Gram." And the consequences are far from harmless.

After Taste

Some delicious foods hide ugly truths.

First Nations of Food

A new generation of Indigenous chefs retracing their culinary heritage is resetting the table to make space for an activist narrative of food, and it’s delicious.