Lebanon in Troubled Waters

A plan to build a dam has become the symbol of the fight against corruption in Lebanon.

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Extreme Pollination

We dream of food sovereignty and access to local fruits year-round. But we ignore the hidden truths of our agricultural systems: extreme pollination, transport and theft of hives, beekeepers’ distress, and a mad race to pollinate monoculture crops destined for export, while bees keep our food supply afloat on life support. Meanwhile, in Québec, young people are building the fruit farms of the future.

Black Lives, Green Spaces

Black Canadian and American youth have been successively cut off from the land, the outdoors and the contemporary environmentalist movement. Today, they are taking an active part in nature—a powerful tool for healing, empowerment and social justice. Discover the compelling stories and inspiring perspectives of leading Black figures—entrepreneurs, artists, and activists—from Montréal to Los Angeles.

Spoils of #nature on Instagram

Natural sites are being overrun by a new wave of tourists just "doin' it for the 'Gram." And the consequences are far from harmless.