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A show that explores the special role nature plays in our lives.

2 episodes

Somewhere Outside explores the special role nature plays in our lives. We meet with individuals who – through their work, leisure, or distant childhood memories – craft their outlook on life around their unique connection to the outdoors.

With every episode, we paint a broad picture of what nature is and what it can be: a gigantic playground where trajectories, life lessons, & entertainment converge.

Latest Episode

Somewhere Outside – Episode 01 : The birder

September 13, 2017

This first episode of Somewhere Outside takes us to the West Island of Montréal to meet with Samuel Denault. Despite being in his thirties, Sam has already been practising bird watching for 25 years… He’s an ornithologist by trade, a birder by pleasure, and his avian passion comes with a lot of intense emotions.

Thanks to Samuel Denault, Alexis Demers, Gabriel Gagnon, Apollo Music Store, Gourmet & Manatee Commune.


The episode is available in French here:


Other episodes

Somewhere Outside – Episode 02 : The Trapper

June 27, 2018

In this episode of Somewhere Outside, we’re talking trap (think: fur trade), its place in Quebec’s culture and its role in Jo-Anne Beaucage’s fascinating life. We dive into the trapping world, discuss life in unison with nature, uncover a one of a kind love story and chat about the Hudson Company as well as… Brigitte Bardot.