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“My parents had fled the war, and here I was running right back to it.”

Jad Haddad, who grew up in Lebanon during wartime, has long since been attracted to war zones. Today he is the head of an adventure tourism agency, fulfilling his quest…

The Quieter Side of the Mountain

By eliane |

Life in the green gap

By Catherine Métayer |

Living the Van Life: What You Need to Know

By eliane |

Meat Futures

By eliane |



It’s under the soft fading light of dusk that the final Canot-Concert of the season took place, featuring the enigmatic KROY. With her hypnotic sounds, the Montreal artist —who also…

Société Duvetnor

By eliane |

Episode 03 – Family memories

By eliane |

The Pioneers

By Beside |

05. Traditional Fishing

By Catherine Métayer |


BESIDE Magazine On The Go

Somewhere Outside

By eliane |


Screening of the BESIDE documentaries

Forging a knife

By Geneviève Locas |

An evening with the Expedition AKOR team

By Geneviève Locas |

Soap making for outdoor clothes

By Geneviève Locas |

Traveling with kids

By Geneviève Locas |

New Narrative

About a Vegan

Journalist and radio host Matthieu Dugal tells the story of how he became vegan, despite his visceral love for lamb chops.

In the Backcountry There Is Freedom

For this pair of Canadian snowboarders, their love of the sport reached new heights once they left the chairlifts, the competitions, and the rules behind.

Running by Nature

More and more runners prefer braving wilderness trails rather than roads. A mere whim? No. It’s an impulse written into our DNA, according to scientists.


First Nations of Food

A new generation of Indigenous chefs retracing their culinary heritage is resetting the table to make space for an activist narrative of food, and it’s delicious. Cooking has become a…


Our Green Gaps

How our daily actions fall short of our goals to flight climate change.


The Curse of Being the Greatest

We ate the bluefin tuna nearly to extinction. We can stop now.

New Narrative

“For the longest time, I thought sexual intercourse had a time limit.”

At 29 years old, Marie-Élaine Guay abandoned the world of advertising to become a horticulturist. This change—from performance to passion—did not happen of a sudden. Gently, it came to infuse…



It’s under the soft fading light of dusk that the…


In this third episode of First-Timers Gone Fishing, a mother…

Our elders are the last living witnesses of a time…


Using traditional methods of managing resources as a way to…

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