Across the Salty Roads

Guillaume Beaudoin’s journey hitchhiking by sail across the South Pacific Islands to document the impact of climate change on local communities.

6 episodes

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The South Pacific Islands are made up of lush greenery, multicoloured seas, windswept salty beaches, and rich historic cultures. They are also undergoing immense environmental challenges due to the global impact of climate change. Rising sea levels, salinization of crops, the significant loss of biodiversity, and plastic pollution are all part of everyday conversations for the inhabitants of Tahiti, Fiji, Tuvalu, the Marquesas, and the thousands of other islands and archipelagos in this region. Montréal-based cinematographer, photographer, and director Guillaume Beaudoin embarks on a 7-month journey hitchhiking by sail, to collect video stories of locals taking initiatives in the fight against climate change.



05. Traditional Fishing

Across the Salty Roads - Episode 05

Using traditional methods of managing resources as a way to…


04. The Coral Gardeners

Across the Salty Roads - Episode 04

Guillaume embarks on a Tahiti-Mo’orea crossing to reach new South…


03. Tuamotus & Tahiti

Across the Salty Roads - Episode 03

During his stay in the Tuamotus and Tahiti, Guillaume was…


02. The Marquesas

Across the Salty Roads - Episode 02

Guillaume reached his first island destination, Ua Huka, as his…


01. The Panama Crossing

Across the Salty Roads - Episode 01

After securing his first ride in the port of Panama,…


Preboarding Interview

Across the Salty Roads - Episode 00

Across the Salty Roads is the initiative of Montréal-based cinematographer,…