Sam Raetz

Like Honey in the Comb

By eliane |

The Optimist

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We Need Each Other’s Eyes

By eliane |

Basic Bike Maintenance

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By eliane |

Société Duvetnor

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Episode 03 – Family memories

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The Pioneers

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BESIDE Magazine On The Go

Somewhere Outside

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Festival BESIDE

Festival BESIDE

By Geneviève Locas |

Aménager son jardin urbain

By Justine Bouchard |

Prendre des photos en nature

By Justine Bouchard |

Take photos in nature

By Justine Bouchard |


From Neon to Lilac

After 12 years of hard work and sacrifice, Josiane Lanthier is just starting to make a living off her paintings. We offer a portrait of a sparkling artist who’s more and more at ease.

Ben Swims Oceans

Diamonds in the Rough


Defining Our Eco-Emotions

Between Australia's wildfires, the IPCC, and Greta's speeches, these past months have left us in need of a new emotional vocabulary.


We Are the Ones We’ve Been Waiting For

The climate doomers were right. Can we still hope? Author Christina Nichol searches for answers among India’s environ­mental activists and in her own family history.

New Narratives

Tiny Toes

Being 30, caught between the biological clock and the urgency of climate change.


Founded in 1979, Duvetnor had taken upon itself to protect…

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