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100 Wild Islands

Back to videos The 100 Wild Islands is a land conservancy project driven by the Nova Scotia Nature Trust, on the coasts of Nova Scotia (Canada). The preservation of this group of wild and ecologically rich islands has gained much support from local residents who want to protect the archipelago they have built their lives around from unwanted development. BESIDE interviewed some of its key protagonists.

We meet with Brian Murphy, a local captain and camping operator hoping to see ecotourism become the region's leading industry. We speak with lobster fishers Jeannie and Mike Hubley, who campaign against the introduction of corporate open net-pen salmon farms. And we discuss the 100 Wild Islands with Bonnie Sutherland, executive director at the Nova Scotia Nature Trust, which has been working with island owners, residents and the government to ensure that these islands stay wild, forever.

These locals all share one common goal: keeping their islands untamed.

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