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In Bloom

On its bucolic 107-acre farm in upstate New York, Sarah Ryhanen heralds the emergence of meaningful ways of living.

Graeme Owsianski

Charlevoix in a Bottle

Camrin Dengel

Lanaudière: So Near the Open Air



It’s under the soft fading light of dusk that the final Canot-Concert of the season took place, featuring the enigmatic KROY. With her hypnotic sounds, the Montreal artist —who also…

Société Duvetnor

Episode 03 – Family memories

The Pioneers

05. Traditional Fishing


BESIDE the road

A Coast to Coast Roadtrip to Reinvent Magazine Distribution


A Coast to Coast Roadtrip to Reinvent Magazine Distribution

With the partnership of Mountain Equipment Coop (MEC), BESIDE is going on a one-month Coast to Coast Distribution Roadtrip, from Eastern to Western Canada and along the US West Coast, during which its editorial team will be travelling aboard a camper van. The departure date is set for 10 November 2016 from Montreal, and until December 12, they will be making the following stops: Rimouski, Cascapédia—Saint-Jules (Gaspésie), Dartmouth, Rouyn-Noranda, Thunder Bay, Winnipeg, Regina, Calgary, Banff, Bend, Portland, Seattle, Victoria, Tofino, Squamish and Vancouver.