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Canoe Concert

Music session on a lake.

6 episodes

Canoe Concert is a unique blend of music and the outdoors. Each session brings together an up-and-coming musician and a small group of city-dwellers, for an exclusive concert on a lake. Pitched in an intimate outdoor setting, the performance is usually followed by fishing trips, campfire cooking, stargazing, sleepovers in tents and cabins, and memorable late night encores…




Canoe Concert - Episode 06

On a windy night in Aiguebelle National Park, Hanorah and…



Canoe Concert - Episode 05

It’s under the soft fading light of dusk that the…


Matt Holubowski

Canoe Concert - Episode 04

We drove along the St-Lawrence River until Rivière-du-Loup, Québec, where…


Chris Velan

Canoe Concert - Episode 03

8 AM, Montreal We board the train to Jonquière, Quebec.…


Clément Jacques

Canoe Concert - Episode 02

A small lake in the depths of the Lanaudière Region…



Canoe Concert - Episode 01

During a 3-day BESIDE camp on the Poisson Blanc Regional…

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