First-timers – Gone Fishing

A tackle box, rods, a rowboat, hooks and novice fishermen. What can possibly go wrong?

3 episodes

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First-Timers is a documentary series that tells the stories of people going fishing for the first time. Vulnerable and clumsy at times, they are always up for the challenge and are able to overcome the obstacles to finding their inner fisherman.



Episode 03 – Family memories

First-timers – Gone Fishing - Episode 03

In this third episode of First-Timers Gone Fishing, a mother…


Episode 02 – The Comeback

First-timers – Gone Fishing - Episode 02

After travelling the world for a few years, François is…


Episode 01 – A new life

First-timers – Gone Fishing - Episode 01

When he finds a dusty fishing rod in his garden…

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