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Solios creates solar-powered watches that are the pinnacle of minimalist, sustainable design. They’ll be sharing their innovative vision for ethical fashion at Toronto’s One of a Kind Show.

Text—Casey Beal
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There’s a common assumption that the necessary changes ahead of us will require uncomfortable compromise: that caring for the planet might mean caring a little less about ease and aesthetics. There is, of course, wisdom in sacrificing excess and luxury. But perhaps the line between elegance and necessity isn’t quite so stark. Perhaps we can challenge industries that operate according to a model of overconsumption, pollution, and waste while still holding a high bar for aesthetics, design, and beauty.

For co-founders Sam Leroux and Alex Desabrais, university friends from Montréal, the pursuit of simplicity, minimalist design, and, above all, sustainability leaves no room for compromise or cutting corners. Inspired by the climate-change documentary Before the Flood, the pair knew they wanted to start a business that would be a force for positive change. After travelling the world for inspiration, they developed a unique brand of solar-powered watches, proving that elegance and ethical, sustainable design can go hand in hand.

Solios’ integrity can perhaps best be summed up by its B Corp Certification, a high-standard, holistic metric that measures a company’s structure and transparency, as well as its performance across various social and environmental benchmarks. They are proud to be the first watch company to have achieved this rating. In addition to their constantly charging, light-powered battery, the company’s commitment to sustainability extends to 100 per cent recycled and/or recyclable packaging, as well as watchbands made from a silicone-based, sustainable “eco-leather,” which is animal-skin and cruelty free.

Solios will be at One of a Kind, a winter show in Toronto, which supports and brings together a community of like-minded creative makers from all over Canada, many from Montréal.



Solios at the 2022 One of a Kind Winter Show

Meet Solios in person at the upcoming Winter Show at Exhibition Place, Enercare Centre, in Toronto from November 24 to December 4, along with 600+ Canadian makers!

For more information, clic here.

Use the promo code BESIDEXOOAK at checkout to get a discount on a Single Day Adult Admission ticket to the show or simply use the following link.


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