New Narratives

Personal essays on our relationship with nature, our paradoxes and our cravings for revolution.

A Fugitive in Montana

Escaping a wilderness rehab and hitchhiking across a state, Simon fought hard against letting nature change him.

The Plants Are Fine

On life, death, and the secret language of houseplants.

A Digital Sanctuary for Your Attention

Over decades, Silicon Valley tech companies have mastered how to grab our attention. Now they want to protect it.

Blood Lines

Between photographer Alexi Hobbs and his grandfather, a bond forged out of stories, feathers, and wood.

Internet Camp

A few leftover habits from when the internet was still a skill that could be learned.

Divided We Sail

When Eric Muszynski agreed to sail across the ocean with two other adventurers, he never anticipated that his biggest challenge would come from inside the boat.

Deniers in the Family

You like these people. How do you talk to them about climate change when they don’t believe in it?

Tiny Toes

Being 30, caught between the biological clock and the urgency of climate change.

The Importance of Being Unoriginal

Lessons on craftsmanship from a studio dropout

Location Unknown

How disconnecting from technology helped me connect with myself.

Technologies for the Mother-Baby Dyad

Returning to work not long after giving birth to her daughter, writer Erin Sroka reflects on her digitally augmented maternity against the dystopian backdrop of Seattle’s tech prosperity.

Raw barter

Valentine Thomas tells us about how she left her corporate life to live like a local spearfisher in Cape Verde.

“My parents had fled the war, and here I was running right back to it.”

Jad Haddad, who grew up in Lebanon during wartime, has long since been attracted to war zones. Today he is the head of an adventure tourism agency, fulfilling his quest for discovery and the unknown differently.

Living the Van Life: What You Need to Know

Over chocolate fondue, Dominic and Mariepier take up a new challenge: converting an old delivery truck and living in it. The couple describe how vanlife, that unimpeachable Instagram trend, quickly leads to its own share of contradictions.

One foot in the city and another in the woods.

The BESIDE cofounder spent the first half of his life in Abitibi; the second, in Montreal. For the longest time, he thought he would eventually need to choose between city and country, but today he's finding ways to make this hybridity work.

About a Vegan

Journalist and radio host Matthieu Dugal tells the story of how he became vegan, despite his visceral love for lamb chops.

“For the longest time, I thought sexual intercourse had a time limit.”

At 29 years old, Marie-Élaine Guay abandoned the world of advertising to become a horticulturist. This change—from performance to passion—did not happen of a sudden. Gently, it came to infuse each area of her life.

“I fear returning to the very places I love.”

Professional snowboarder, filmmaker, and activist Tamo Campos reflects on recent life-changing events that have both awakened his deepest fears and brought him new perspectives.