Québec as Our Playground

Summer has arrived: long swathes of days, filled with moments for reconnecting with those we love. Why not use this time of abundance to get your fill of the nature and culture Québec has to offer? From Montréal to Côte-Nord, the province invites you to discover its forests, mountains, and the length of its famous river. Taste and experience it all—whether just for the day or for a longer road trip. Let the bounty of nature remind you that the elusive “elsewhere” we all dream of is right here, under our noses.

We’ve compiled a list of itineraries, practical guides, travelogues, and profiles that are sure to make you thirsty to discover Québecois landscapes and the people who inhabit them.


Away / Visual Essay

These Islands that Live within Us

Encounters with islanders and landscapes on the Magdalen Islands.

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