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The great animal choir

His recordings capture powerful expressions of change and what it portends in localized wild habitats. When change happens in a landscape that resident animals have evolved to understand from an…

Breaking the ice

By Beside |

The future of food is in the sea

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Hoover Dam

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Consuming less and doing more

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Histoire de… Sauvetage

Samuel Denault is an ornithologist. Spotting and identifying birds is second nature to him. You might find him at any moment on the side of the highway watching birds in…

The life of a lumberjack, with Patrick Riopel

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04. The Coral Gardeners

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Canoe Concert

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By eliane |


BESIDE Magazine On The Go

Somewhere Outside

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Cooking with fire

Crafting a paddle

By Geneviève Locas |

Foraging in the forest and cooking with fire

By Geneviève Locas |

Identifying wild medicinal plants

By Geneviève Locas |

Forging a knife II

By Geneviève Locas |


Identifying wild medicinal plants

June 26, 2018

Learn to identify wild medicinal trees and plants from Quebec with a pioneer in that field, Anny Schneider. You will taste nutritional and medicinal plants, identify toxic plants to avoid, and the golden rules of sustainable foraging.

(Please note that this workshop will be given in French only) 


Anny Schneider




  • Access to the SÉPAQ park
  • The necessary material
  • Plant and herbal tea tasting


We do not provide reimbursements, however we do allow ticket transfers anytime before the trip. Should you want to transfer your ticket, please email