The pioneers

October 19-21, 2018

Cleaning a fish, building a fire, foraging for mushrooms and plants, chopping wood, preparing your own remedies for the winter. When was the last time you built something from scratch, fixed something with your hands, or took something apart using wisdom from your grandmother? Bit by bit, we are losing sight of these facets of craftsmanship that were once passed down through generations. Before it’s too late, let’s cut through the noise and start listening to those who have come before us, to learn the very knowledge that binds us closer to nature.

Experience a series of workshops to learn centuries-old knowledge and skills, in a nature setting.

(Please note that these activities will be led in French only) 


  • Access to the site and parking
  • Necessary material for all workshops
  • Lodging in a wood shack
  • Inspiring pioneer instructors
  • All meals, drinks and snacks


We do not provide reimbursements, however we do allow ticket transfers anytime before the trip. Should you want to transfer your ticket, please email

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