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In Bloom

On its bucolic 107-acre farm in upstate New York, Sarah Ryhanen heralds the emergence of meaningful ways of living.

Graeme Owsianski

Charlevoix in a Bottle

Camrin Dengel

Lanaudière: So Near the Open Air



It’s under the soft fading light of dusk that the final Canot-Concert of the season took place, featuring the enigmatic KROY. With her hypnotic sounds, the Montreal artist —who also…

Société Duvetnor

Episode 03 – Family memories

The Pioneers

05. Traditional Fishing


Wind in our sails – 2nd Edition

June 15-16-17

Daydreaming of living on a sailboat? Looking to learn the ropes and knots of sailing? Look no further. BESIDE invites you on a sailing journey at THE “WIND IN OUR SAILS” CAMP – 2nd EDITION on Lake Champlain in the USA. An all-inclusive weekend where you’ll have the chance to learn about navigation skills and tools, get acquainted with types of wind and maneuvers. Depending on weather conditions, swimming and hiking will also be featured!


(Please note that this camp will be taught in French only) 


  • Sailboat, its captain and first mate
  • 5 meals, snacks and beverages
  • Souvenir pictures of the event


Islands is a sailboat that features 4 cabins and 2 bathrooms. To offer optimal comfort and intimacy throughout the trip, registering is made per room. To help you select your options, here’s a sailboat plan:



  • Simple Bed: $285
  • Room 1: $595 (for 2)
  • Room 2: $595 (for 2)
  • Room 3: $650 (for 2)


You must have a valid passport, and travel insurance (heatlh & work) valid in the USA. BESIDE is not responsible for your insurance, nor of the possible required proofs requested by your insurance prior to the trip. Please double-check on your insurance to ensure smooth sailing once across the USA border.


We do not provide reimbursements, however we do allow ticket transfers anytime before the trip. Should you want to transfer your ticket, please email

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