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I spoke to David Lee Desrochers about the model proposed by Stefan Sobkowiak. He listened closely to my explanations about permaculture and the reconsideration of the role of domestic bees in our agriculture. Our discussion turned to our paradoxes, between our desire for self-sufficiency, our lack of understanding of food issues, and all those times when, individually and collectively, we bet on the wrong horse.

“People want to save the bees and buy hives without training . . but there’s no more feeding-ground to feed them. If you want to save them, you won’t do it by buying hives. It’s not easy to make everyone understand this.”

Since my visit to Sobkowiak, I’ve been thinking differently about the aphids that attack the plum tree in my garden. “Everyone has their role,” I repeat to myself as I watch them. The key may indeed be to welcome what the land gives us, rather than trying to force things in the name of a trend or one of our many desires.

Young farmer-beekeepers will undoubtedly put forward new models for food autonomy that are capable of rebuilding our biodiversity. We need to be ready. This means befriending the elderberry in summer and frozen blueberries in winter. Accepting that the green apples of our childhood lose their lustre. And planting flowers. Lots of flowers.

A story by Eugénie Emond


Intro: Nicolas Gouin (video)
Chapter 01: Nicolas Gouin

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