BESIDE the road

A coast to coast roadtrip to reinvent magazine distribution

8 episodes

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In average, only 30% of print magazines handled by large distributors are sold, and the remaining 70% ends up thrown away. When working with these distributors, publishers are not only unable to reclaim their unsold magazines, but they can’t even target an adequate choice of retailers. BESIDE promotes both sustainability and creative entrepreneurship, and therefore it was essential that its distribution model reflect on these values. “We had to find an innovative way to distribute the first issue of our magazine while being true to our core values. So we have resigned our discussions with big distributors and imagined our distribution as a tool to get closer to our community across North America,” says Jean-Daniel Petit, BESIDE’s Creative Director.



Montana & Oregon

BESIDE the road - Episode 08

Driving through Montana, Idaho & Oregon, the scenery evolves quite…



BESIDE the road - Episode 07


Mustang to the rescue

BESIDE the road - Episode 06

The horses we meet at the ranch exude health and…


Jeff Spackman

BESIDE the road - Episode 05

Jeff Spackman and his friends pull up in a 90’s…


JP Tessier

BESIDE the road - Episode 04

J-P invites us inside for a drink where we meet…



BESIDE the road - Episode 03

As she glides on the snow, Christine tells us a…


JC Lemay

BESIDE the road - Episode 02

J-C is an Ontario-born biologist and underwater photographer. He moved to…



BESIDE the road - Episode 01

Traditional Print Distribution is Broken. – In average, only 30%…

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