JP Tessier

BESIDE the road - Episode 04

J-P invites us inside for a drink where we meet his son Leo (3), his daughter Lily (6) and his wife Chiyuki, a Japanese ex-pro-snowboarder he met in BC. They’ve been married for 14 years and lived in rural Japan for 6 of them. They are now settled in Quebec where J-P can support his family with his dream job; he is a fishing guide on the Bonaventure River.


BESIDE the road / Episode 08

Montana & Oregon

Driving through Montana, Idaho & Oregon, the scenery evolves quite a bit, from flat lands to damp forests all the…

BESIDE the road / Episode 07


BESIDE the road / Episode 06

Mustang to the rescue

The horses we meet at the ranch exude health and happiness. Through rehabilitation, they’ve built up their self-confidence and learnt…

BESIDE the road / Episode 05

Jeff Spackman

Jeff Spackman and his friends pull up in a 90’s Jeep Cherokee ready to lead our hike. As a child,…

BESIDE the road / Episode 04

JP Tessier

J-P invites us inside for a drink where we meet his son Leo (3), his daughter Lily (6) and his…

BESIDE the road / Episode 03


As she glides on the snow, Christine tells us a little about her life story in her charming Gaspesian accent.…

BESIDE the road / Episode 02

JC Lemay

J-C is an Ontario-born biologist and underwater photographer. He moved to the area to study marine biology and the river soon…

BESIDE the road / Episode 01


Traditional Print Distribution is Broken. – In average, only 30% of print magazines handled by large distributors are sold, and…

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