Société Duvetnor

Founded in 1979, Duvetnor had taken upon itself to protect the islands of the Bas-Saint-Laurent region, the preferred nesting site…

serie / Across the Salty Roads

05. Traditional Fishing

Using traditional methods of managing resources as a way to resolve pressing climate and environmental issues is a hot topic…

serie / Across the Salty Roads

04. The Coral Gardeners

Guillaume embarks on a Tahiti-Mo’orea crossing to reach new South Pacific islands on his route that will enable him to…


100 Wild Islands

The 100 Wild Islands is a land conservancy project driven by the Nova Scotia Nature Trust, on the coasts of…


The Refuge Pageau

The Refuge Pageau (Abitibi, Québec) provides rehabilitation to over 150 injured animals per year, with the aim of returning them…


Across the Salty Roads

The South Pacific Islands are made up of lush greenery, multicoloured seas, windswept salty beaches, and rich historic cultures. They…

serie / Across the Salty Roads

03. Tuamotus & Tahiti

During his stay in the Tuamotus and Tahiti, Guillaume was lucky enough to spend quality time filming and swimming with…

serie / Across the Salty Roads

02. The Marquesas

Guillaume reached his first island destination, Ua Huka, as his boat is greeted by a pod of dancing wild dolphins,…

serie / Across the Salty Roads

01. The Panama Crossing

After securing his first ride in the port of Panama, Guillaume embarked on a 62-foot catamaran with five other crew…

serie / Across the Salty Roads

Preboarding Interview

Across the Salty Roads is the initiative of Montréal-based cinematographer, photographer, and director Guillaume Beaudoin. In this preboarding interview, he…