Signs of Life

In a time of social distancing, Toronto’s Winter Stations exhibit provides an opportunity to reflect on how we gather around art and nature.

How to Make Your Own Bread, Slowly

To help ease our “coronanxiety,” collaborator Catherine Lefebvre teaches the art of slow fermentation.

A Fugitive in Montana

Escaping a wilderness rehab and hitchhiking across a state, Simon fought hard against letting nature change him.

Cloud Appreciation Society

We all wish for blue skies. They love cloudy days.

The Plants Are Fine

On life, death, and the secret language of houseplants.

A BESIDE Quarantine Guide

Ten tips to help transform your isolation into something meaningful.

The Refettorios

From Milano to Montréal, Italian chef Massimo Bottura is creating social tables that combine art, food, design, and charity.

The Besiders / Portrait

From Neon to Lilac

After 12 years of hard work and sacrifice, Josiane Lanthier is just starting to make a living off her paintings. We offer a portrait of a sparkling artist who’s more and more at ease.

Reclaiming the Rails

What originated as a tool of resource extraction and exploitation, this First Nations-run railway provides a lifeline and a mobile community for the remote communities it serves.

The Besiders / Q&A

Diving Deeper, Shooting the Authentic

A conversation with photographer Christina Holmes


Ben Swims Oceans

A modern-day explorer travels to the frontiers of human endurance to raise awareness about plastics in our oceans.


5 Naturally Amazing Materials to Help Cut Plastic from Your Life

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