With intimate, unvarnished performances, and the great outdoors as a backdrop, Airs brings together art and nature. Each instalment in this series invites you to listen to an artist in a place that inspires them: perhaps a city park, the middle of the forest, or a riverbank . . .

To launch the series, BESIDE is hosting a pair of concerts in collaboration with Fabrique culturelle.


In collaboration with


Airs / Episode 01

Cedric Noel

In partnership with La Fabrique Culturelle

Cedric Noel et l’artiste Le Ren, au parc Frédéric-Back, à Montréal, par temps brumeux.

Airs / Episode 02

Klô Pelgag

In partnership with La Fabrique Culturelle

Klô Pelgag in her hometown of Rivière-Ouelle, a place bathed in the saltwater calm of the St. Lawrence River.