Cedric Noel

Airs - Episode 01

“When I’m in nature, I look at the colours. Trees and flowers give me ideas for the music.”


Multi-instrumentalist and singer Cedric Noel plays synthesizer and classical guitar. His latest album, Hang Time, is coming out this fall. Noel was born in Niger to Canadian and Mozambican/Belgian parents. He grew up travelling the world and is currently based in Canada. We met him in misty weather in a place he loves, Frédéric-Back Park, along with artist Le Ren.

Cedric Noel and artist Le Ren play a concert in Frédéric-Back Park in Montréal, in the mist.
Photos: City of rain / André Rainville
A sphere covers a biogas well in Frédéric-Back Eco-park in Montréal, in the mist.
Musical selections

Bass Song
Words and music: Cedric Noel 

Words and music: Cedric Noel

In collaboration with


Airs / Episode 02

Klô Pelgag

In partnership with La Fabrique Culturelle

Klô Pelgag in her hometown of Rivière-Ouelle, a place bathed in the saltwater calm of the St. Lawrence River.

Airs / Episode 01

Cedric Noel

In partnership with La Fabrique Culturelle

Cedric Noel et l’artiste Le Ren, au parc Frédéric-Back, à Montréal, par temps brumeux.

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