Going Sideways

Stories of people who went off the beaten track.

6 episodes

Going Sideways features 12 beautiful stories of imperfect journeys and the humans brave enough to live differently. Each episode spotlights two protagonists who decided to re-examine their way of life, whether through their work, relationship to nature, or involvement in their community.

Narrated by Nicolas Ouellet.


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Going Sideways / Episode 01

Living Differently

In this episode, we rethink the meaning of home and imagine other ways of living. Catherine Laporte and Rémi Poirier…

Going Sideways / Episode 02

Opening Up Outdoors

Illustrator Florence Rivest dwells on one shore of the St. Lawrence; across the water live Uapukun Mestokosho and Shanice Mollen…

Going Sideways / Episode 03

Reinventing Work

Should you change your career or reinvent it? Quilt maker Marilyn B. Armand and fashion entrepreneur Inder Bedi may have…

Going Sideways / Episode 04

Revamping the Pantry

Maggie Lamothe-Boudreau raises queen bees in Québec. John Winter Russell is the owner and chef of the renowned Montréal restaurant…

Going Sideways / Episode 05

Regrowing Nature

Lawns no longer rule supreme for these citizens bringing back native plants. In Montréal, Emile Forest and Philippe Asselin are…

Going Sideways / Episode 06

Tending Community

All too often, we underestimate the power of community. In Montréal, Les Filles Fattoush has created work—and a warm welcome—for…