Living Differently

Going Sideways - Episode 01

In this episode, we rethink the meaning of home and imagine other ways of living. Catherine Laporte and Rémi Poirier buy a farm in Ogden, Québec, while the Nguyên-Lafleur family moves into a multi-generational house in the Montréal neighbourhood of Villeray.

Rémi Poirier and his hen house.
Trâm Nguyên sits at a table.

At the start of the pandemic, artist Catherine Laporte and train driver Rémi Poirier bought an ancestral farm they found online, trading the din of the city for Ogden’s open fields. Now, with the help of countless books and YouTube tutorials, they’re learning to plow their land, raise hens, and enjoy the calm country evenings.

Trâm Nguyên had long resisted the traditions of her Vietnamese culture. But after years of hesitation and the birth of her two children, she decided to try living in a multi-generational duplex. Three generations now live under the same roof, to the delight of the Nguyên-Lafleur youngsters, who adore their salad rolls and walks with their grandfather.


Catherine Laporte holds a hen.

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Going Sideways / Episode 01

Living Differently

In this episode, we rethink the meaning of home and imagine other ways of living. Catherine Laporte and Rémi Poirier…

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