Canoe Concerts

Music sessions in the outdoors.

6 episodes

The Canoe Concerts series is a unique blend of music and the outdoors. Each session brings together an up-and-coming musician and a small group of city-dwellers, for an exclusive concert in nature. Pitched in an intimate outdoor setting, the performance is usually followed by fishing trips, campfire cooking, stargazing, sleepovers in tents and cabins, and memorable late night encores…


Canoe Concerts / Episode 06


A concert by Hanorah in the very heart of Abitibi’s wilderness

Canoe Concerts / Episode 05


It’s under the soft fading light of dusk that the final Canot-Concert of the season took place, featuring the enigmatic…

Canoe Concerts / Episode 04

Matt Holubowski

We drove along the St-Lawrence River until Rivière-du-Loup, Québec, where a boat was waiting for us. It sailed us to…

Canoe Concerts / Episode 03

Chris Velan

8 AM, Montreal We board the train to Jonquière, Quebec. A few hours later, the train makes a stop in…

Canoe Concerts / Episode 02

Clément Jacques

A small lake in the depths of the Lanaudière Region in Quebec, on the brink of winter, and a bunch…

Canoe Concerts / Episode 01


During a 3-day BESIDE camp on the Poisson Blanc Regional Park’s islands, a group of 20 outdoor enthusiasts, who had…

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