For the team here at BESIDE, 2019 was a year of both planting and harvesting. This year, more than any that came before it, we doubled down on our mission to build bridges between humans and nature wherever we saw a ravine. Via three published editions with impactful, pertinent themes and striking visuals, we strengthened our ties with our collaborators, partners, and you, our community; via an outdoor festival and a newly launched wilderness cabin project, we went beyond words to breathe it all in with you.

The end of this year also marks the start of a new cycle for us. We’ll be moving into a bright office in the heart of Rosemont, Montréal, where you’ll always be welcome to drop by. And speaking of dropping by, we also hope you’ll visit our natural playground in Lanaudière, Québec. Our goal for 2020 is to take time—to think, to create, to talk to one another, and to live simpler.

Thank you for having been there with us and for making our mission a collective project.
Happy Holidays!

Jean-Daniel Petit
President and Co-founder

This year,
our small team produced...

  • 2
    magazine issues
  • 1
    Beside Journal
  • A 3-day Festival with over 150 activities, workshops, concerts, and talks
  • 1
    digital dossier in collaboration with Radio‑Canada
  • 40
    original web articles and stories
  • 2
    Canoe Concerts

We were so happy to receive...

  • Best Art Direction from the Canadian Magazine Awards
  • A nomination for "Best use of photography" at the Stack Magazine Awards

And we launched our BESIDE Cabins project.

Savour the last few days of the decade by diving back into...

Our most popular articles:

Spoils of nature

Natural sites are being overrun by a new wave of tourists just "doin' it for the 'Gram." And the consequences are far from harmless.


Living the van life

Over chocolate fondue, Dominic and Mariepier take up a new challenge: converting an old delivery truck and living in it. The couple describe how vanlife, that unimpeachable Instagram trend, quickly leads to its own share of contradictions.


“For the longest time, I thought sexual intercourse had a time limit.”

At 29 years old, Marie-Élaine Guay abandoned the world of advertising to become a horticulturist. This change—from performance to passion—did not happen of a sudden. Gently, it came to infuse each area of her life.


Articles worth a second look:

First Nations of Food

A new generation of Indigenous chefs retracing their culinary heritage is resetting the table to make space for an activist narrative of food, and it’s delicious.


Technologies for the Mother-Baby Dyad

Returning to work not long after giving birth to her daughter, writer Erin Sroka reflects on her digitally augmented maternity against the dystopian backdrop of Seattle’s tech prosperity.


The quote that most spoke to you:

"The whole idea of saving the planet has always been around stories. Because in reality, the planet will continue to revolve around the sun with or without us. The story, in a lot of ways, is about saving ourselves. It’s about rewriting the narrative to learn that nature is much more powerful than we are." -Oliver Jeffers, artist and author

The two issues we published this year

BESIDE’s first journal, Green Screen, so you can start 2020 off with a digital detox. 🌤🌿📱

Portraits of 10 inspiring photographers

What we’ve got planned for 2020...

  • Brand new office space in Rosemont
  • Activities on our new piece of land in Lanaudière
  • Magazines 08 and 09
  • Two online dossiers
  • A weekly newsletter with exclusive content for subscribers